Honista APK v9.0 For Android (Official) Download

Honista APK is a free Instagram management app. This is 100% secure and easy to use for Instagram. This App is officially developed for downloading media like Images, Videos, and stories and is capable of tackling different types of bugs & technical issues facing users using Instagram. Honista 9.0 APK is also 100% secure for your device and Instagram account. Let’s begin to discuss its more amazing features.

NameHonista APK
Version9.0 (Official)
RequiredAndroid 4.4+
Size97.4 MB
Mod(No Ads+ Unlocked All)
GenreApp, Instagram Companion
Updated OnToday

Honista APK is an updated version of the most famous reels and image-sharing platform, i.e., Instagram. Many Instagram users demand some features, but Instagram takes time to fulfil users’ demands for various reasons. Therefore, Honista APP Official for Android is there to help you people with all the demanded features. Simply, it’s a distinguished app from Instagram but provides better features, performance, and user interface. Also download: Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK

It’s pretty simple to control the tasks of the app. It provides the ability to download your favorite photos and videos to your phone’s local storage in one click, whereas Instagram lacks this feature. So, if you are looking for additional and excellent features, this app might be your primary choice. 

This guide will address all the details of Honista Mod APK Download, its features, its MOD version, benefits, disadvantages, and procedure to use it. So, let’s read on.

Honista App Introduction

It’s a companion app for Instagram users to get additional features and benefits unavailable in the official Instagram app. It’s a 100% free-to-use app and can be signed up with your official Instagram account, depicting a simple user interface. It’s not officially offered by Instagram but a fully modified app from third-party developers. 

Experience all the Pro features without spending your hard-earned money, save Insta reels, download images, and post anonymously. You also don’t need to buy Insta Pro because you will get all the features of this app for free.


Baixar Honista is a professional modified and developed by third parties to enjoy exclusive Instagram features. The aim was to provide the users with the best possible user experience, and they got a lot of praise for it. After logging into this app with your official Insta account, you don’t need Instagram. Afterward, you can easily carry out all the tasks, including image and video downloading, posting, and more. 

Moreover, you can directly share them with your other social accounts in one click. All these features are available free of cost to all the users and without limits. These advanced features make users’ lives easier, simpler, and more enjoyable. 

If I talk about the settings, you should read what the settings say before updating it. Enabling and disabling some features may affect your account, so read this guide thoroughly to prevent further issues. In case you get errors due to some settings, reinstall the app again by following the simple steps (mentioned further in this guide).

Is Honista APK different From Instagram?

A question comes in everyone’s mind: are Instagram and Honista apps the same? If yes, why do we use Honister? Let me clear this query if it hinders your decision to get it on your phone. I would say it’s not different but an upgraded version of Instagram where you can enjoy those features that are not available in the original Instagram app, 

When you glance, it looks similar to Insta with few chances. Several simple features are advanced here. Therefore, you can say that تحميل هونيستا is a better version of Insta. You can easily download videos, reels, and images, as this feature is unavailable on official Instagram.

Honista Key Features

It’s becoming popular due to its amazing features as a companion app for Instagram. It has become a leading chatting app after Instagram due to its compatibility, versatility, and reliability. After creating its profile, you stay connected with your Insta followers or connections with more interesting and helpful options. For more information, we have listed the key Features of the Honista app in the following:

Multiple Insta Accounts Support

It’s a fantastic feature that allows you to control several accounts from one place by closing an app once on a smartphone. So, if you are an influencer or Freelancer worker and want to manage multiple accounts, the Honista APK download enables you to control them all in one place. The app has an account management option to switch from one account to another with a click. 

Video, Reels, and Image Downloading

While watching a video or reel, click the three-dot menu and download it to your phone’s local storage. This feature is unavailable in the official Instagram app, but you can get it here in Honista for free. Similarly, download any image by taping and holding for a few moments. There is no need to take screenshots all the time because it’s time-consuming and sometimes requires cropping. 

IGTV Video Downloading

The app has a dedicated IGTV (Instagram TV) video downloader. If an Instagram user has hidden the download option for the reels, simply copy the link and paste it into the IGTV downloader. It will download that reel or video for you without issues.


When you open Twitter (X), you find an option to repost below each post. This reposting feature is now available on all Instagram posts with Hosinta. Click it, and it will be reposted from your account, which brings several benefits for the users. 

User’s Privacy

Your privacy is essential, and the developers always take care of it. You can use several privacy features like incognito mode, etc. This way, the app will not save your search history or track anything. Similarly, you will be hidden from other users. 

Your Collections

The app shows you the destination folder when you download any image or video. Here, the app allows you to create collections at your convenience to save images and videos separately in different folders. In short, you can create individual albums for images. 

Feed Customization

When you scroll through Instagram, you see different types of images and videos. Now, you can customize the feed according to your desire by setting up your feed from the options. This way, you will only see images and videos relevant to your interest. 

Update within the App

Updating the app is a real deal whenever a new version is launched. The developers have made things easier for every user because you can update it within the app. What you have to do is to open the settings, go to the About option, and click Update. This way, the app will be updated to its latest version, preventing re-installation and saving time. This feature is only available in this app. 

Ghost Mode

As the name suggests, you can perform different activities without being seen online. It means you have complete freedom to show your offline anytime online. You enjoy the following benefits in the Honista Ghost mode:

  • You can watch stories without sending them to the person.
  • You can view conversations without showing them to that person. 
  • You can join any live broadcast without knowing that you have joined the broadcast. 
  • And much more.

Professional Tools at Fingertips

It consists of several built-in tools to perform different tasks according to your requirements. Increase your productivity, say goodbye to lengthy procedures, and get your favorite content in your local storage. Here are the descriptions of the professional tools:

  • Download images or posts. 
  • You can download the cover of the videos. 
  • Direct sharing to other social media accounts. 
  • Reposting features with one click. 
  • Caption copying. 
  • You can download a part of a video. 
  • You can see full post details with a click. 

Ads and Content-related Filters

The developers have added dedicated ads and content-related filters to make it a customized platform for every user. The filters are very impressive and work efficiently to get what you want to see on your feed. It’s categorized into two options, i.e., you can remove ads and suggestions because they might be annoying for many and post-filters to see what you want. 

Low Data Usage

Data is always an issue, but there is automatic internet consumption on Honista APK free download. If you want to upload the videos, it suggests uploading them with optimized quality, reducing overall data usage. 

Explore Backup Settings

Now save your data with your preferences with all-in-all backup settings. Whether you use it on a single phone or want to switch your phone, backup helps with all the settings. The backup creation and restore options are available in the main settings. 

50+ Awesome Themes

Don’t like the app’s appearance? Don’t worry! It comes with 50+ quality and amazing themes for complete customization. The developers have collected the colors and interface from different apps to make them highly customizable according to user preferences. 

Lightweight App

It’s a lightweight app because it manages all your data on the cloud. This app has crossed 30 million users, and the reason is its lightweight, smooth working, and data-saving features. 

Honista MOD Download

The Honista MOD version is the modified version of the Honista app. As we have discussed the main features above, it provides something extra to its users. If you get it from the Play Store, the users have to pay the subscription charges to enjoy all its features. But what if you have nothing to pay for it?

Don’t worry! Honista MOD APK provides you with an opportunity to skip the subscription charges and get everything pre-unlocked. For example, it doesn’t contain annoying ads, so you can only view your preferred content without distractions. Isn’t it a plus? Indeed, it’s an awesome version. For more info, check out its prominent MOD features below:

No Ads: If you don’t want to distract your attention while scrolling your favorite content, this version helps you stay concentrated. The built-in feature removes all the ads in the background, and you get uninterrupted on-the-go social interactions. 

Anti-ban Feature: This app is completely safe and provides unlimited Insta browsing without common issues. In short, it’s an Anti-ban app and compatible with Instagram. So, you can use your Instagram for free with it because its anti-ban feature makes it a reliable, versatile, and safe option. 

No Subscription Cost: Using it doesn’t charge you a single buck. There is no cost to using Honista because this app was mainly developed to help people get the most demanded features for Instagram. 

No Registration: Signing up and Registering on an app is challenging for many, but you can log in to this app with your Insta or Facebook account. It will sync data without lengthy procedures and options. Unlimited Ghost Mode and Privacy: You can watch others’ stories and posts without showing your identity. The settings have no usage limitations; therefore, you can use the ghost mode for privacy concerns.

How to Download Honista APK on Android?

If you want to get it into your smartphone, here are a few simple steps to get it easily:

Step 1: Open the website. 

Step 2: Click the Download button to get the APK file in the local storage. 

Step 3: Open the phone’s file manager and tap the downloaded app. 

Step 4: Give all the security permission by allowing “Unknown sources.” 

Step 5: Further, click the “Install” button and wait for the installation to complete. 

Step 6: Tap to launch the app and manage Instagram by logging in directly to Instagram details.

Why Is Honista APK Better?

Yes, Honista APK free is better than the original Instagram because it enhances your productivity, gives advanced options, and saves time & effort. Here are some distinctive points that make it a better choice for every user:

  • Simple login functions: you can log in with your Insta or Facebook account without signing up separately. 
  • You can view a user’s profile picture in full size, which is not available in the original Insta app. 
  • You can view who is following you on your page. 
  • In Honista Plus settings, you can hide your name when you see a user’s story. 
  • From additional settings, you can play Instagram videos from third-party players. 
  • You can set the autoplay option for Insta videos with sound from settings. 
  • You can easily copy everyone’s comments or Insta profile bio by holding on to the text. 
  • From additional options, share the URLs of videos or images directly to anyone. 
  • By clicking on any link, you can allow settings to open it in any browser. 
  • Customize appearance with the free 50+ themes. 
  • Check everyone’s photo by pinching to zoom in on the profile picture.

What’s New in Honista 9.2 Official Version?

Its latest version has some new changes, as mentioned below:

  • The new magic buttons include toolbar buttons, story buttons, and post buttons for an optimized design. 
  • You can directly read conversations from the notification. 
  • You can download the cover photo of the videos directly into the phone’s local storage. 
  • One-click full post information display. 
  • Boosted speed for downloading videos and images. 
  • Stability improvement for the apps. 
  • The developers have fixed some issues complained about by the users.

Users’ Reviews

This is an amazing app to manage Instagram with additional features. It has received 4.3 stars out of 5.0, depicting its usefulness among the users. The app shows tremendous growth by updating its features to assist users with trendy options. The users always love the super cool interface. If you want to know more about it, here we have listed some reviews from its official users below:


Honista APK for Android is an excellent, reliable, and versatile app to manage Instagram with additional functions. The user’s life has become easier with the added features of privacy, customization, story addition, and downloading images and videos. It’s an awesome modded version to save time and effort. So, get it now, manage several Instagram accounts from this single app, and enjoy. 


Yes, we have tested it on several Android devices and found it 100% safe. It doesn’t track anything and spy on your phone.

Yes, it’s an open-source app and free to download for everyone. 

Yes, both apps work differently. So, you can install both of them and use them separately without issues. 

Yes, you can download and use it on your IOS phone. 

No, because it works like a companion app for Instagram with enhanced features. So, use it without issues because it’s an anti-ban app. 


  1. Thank you for these outstanding applications! They have greatly enhanced our productivity and improved our workflow efficiency. Your commitment to quality and user satisfaction is clear, and we sincerely appreciate it. We are thankful for your hard work and innovative approach. Please continue the excellent work!

    1. Honista APK is an official modified version of the Instagram application. It offers additional features and functionalities that are not available in the standard Instagram app. Users typically seek out such modified versions to gain access to enhanced capabilities. If you want to download Honista APK latest version, you can download it from our website.

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