Honista vs Threads Which is the Best for Insta Users?

Honista vs Threads Which is the Best for Insta Users?

Honista APK and Threads APK are both applications considered for the Instagram users with a lot of features. Let’s learn about their differences and functions!

Introduction to Honista APK:

Honista APK is considered an Instagram application with many additional features like downloading videos, stories, clips or images. It has also features like providing privacy protection to the users, customization options to make the profile more attractive and interesting, controlling ads and posts, applying filters with the settings and much more. Honista APK has a user friendly interface and users can easily apply any settings or filters. Honista has a store in which users can use themes, font sizes styles and emojis that can be used or applied by the users.

Features to use Honista APK:

Here are features that users experience in Honista APK as follows;

  • Downloading Instagram posts, videos, clips and stories
  • Enable the ghost mode for privacy safety
  • Customize the profile with themes, fonts and colors to make it attractive
  • Honista store for the chat themes and emojis is also available for users
  • Applying filters to posts, shorts and videos
  • Choose or remove desired posts or people
  • Controlling unwanted ads or advertisements
  • Controlling chats with incognito mode

Introduction to Threads APK:

Threads APK is just like an Instagram application with a text-based feature. In Threads, people connect with family, friends and creators by sending text for the interaction purpose. They follow various people to build social media relationships. People share their memories, experiences and moments in a text-based way. They can discover people according to their tastes and personality. They connect with others to share their points of view on a specific topic or activity. The basic purpose of Thread APK is to connect with people or communities to share thoughts and experiences. Threads just work like Twitter and people share threads and choose the followers who can interact to your threads. Also Check: Honista vs Instagram

Features to use Threads APK:

There are following features for Threads users as bellow;

  • Connecting and interacting with other
  • Text-based conversation
  • Safe and secure conversations
  • Finding people to generate and share ideas and experiences
  • Stay tuned with the latest and trending profiles updates and news
  • Following with the creators
  • Easy to use as friendly user interface
  • Advanced privacy and security
  • Finding the followers as well as other people in order to follow them
  • Sharing moments and memories with a text-based environment
  • Sharing posts, videos and reels with the friends and family
  • Directly messaging to the friends or followers

Difference between Honista APK and Threads APK:

Honista APKThreads APK
Downloading media content applicationText-based application
Customizing to the profileA simple user interface
More privacy and security with ghost modeSimple privacy settings only
Applying themes and font sizeSimple text-based display
Incognito mode as privacy assuranceScreenshot capturing notifies others
Sharing posts and experiencesSharing text-based memories and threads

What to choose; Honista APK or Threads APK?

Honista APK and Threads APK both applications are designed for the Instagram users with the lots of features and benefits.

  • The users who love to customize their account and interested to applying themes can choose Honista APK.
  • If you want to filter your privacy settings and want more privacy protection then choose Honista APK for its ghost mode.
  • Users who like simple user interface with no more settings can choose Threads APK.
  • Users who want a text-based environment, Threads APK will be the best choice.
  • Users who want to apply filters to the posts, ads or privacy settings; they should use Honista APK.
  • If the only purpose to use Instagram to interact with others and connect with creators, then Threads APK can be the best choice.
  • If users do not need to apply or using chat themes or emojis, then Threads can be good option

Users can choose the application according to their choice and personality. Some people need customizations, themes, font and filters so they can select Honista, otherwise, Threads can be best for simple and text liking people.


Honista APK and Threads APK are both applications for Instagram lovers. Users who want more features and benefits that they do not get in the official Instagram application, they choose other featured applications like Honista or Threads. Honista APK provides customization, privacy protection and downloading videos, clips or images in an easy way.
On the other hand, Threads APK provides a platform for users to interact with various people for a more socializing experience with the privacy controls. Both applications have many features according to the different kinds of people. Users can choose any of the applications according to their choice and preference.


Can we download Instagram media content in Threads APK?

No, you cannot download the Instagram media content by using Threads APK, this application is only for text-based purpose and connecting or following others.

What are advance privacy controls are available in Threads APK?

Users can apply to advanced privacy control features as to block or mute someone and restricting others account.

What is drawback that users face in using Threads APK?

In Threads advanced privacy control in available, but if you will take screenshot of others content or image, then it will notify that user. It can be a secure and safe feature as well but some users consider it as a drawback in using Threads APK.

Can we control our social interactions in Threads?

Yes, users can control social interactions as to block or mute unwanted people, fans or followers. They can also control the posts that they don’t like or want to see.

What is ghost mode in Honista APK?

Ghost mode is most popular feature in the Honista users. Ghost mode allows users to control more privacy protection in order to show the account holder as incognito. Users can like, comment, post any content, follow anyone or message to anyone with the incognito user enabling the ghost mode.

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