Instagram IPA For IOS + iPad (MOD & Unlocked All Premium Features)

Instagram Rocket IPA For IOS + iPad Free Download

Are you finding an Instagram Application with all premium features free? The best answer is Instagram IPA.

Instagram is most popular social media platform in which users share their memories, moments, images, stories and reels. They send text messages through Instagram chat messenger. This is a powerful social media mobile application for connecting other for developing the social media links and relationships.

These all features are free in the official Instagram application but what about other features like customization, modifying the profile, downloading all media content and much more that are not available in the Instagram application. Users enjoy all premium features with paid subscription and have to pay annual or monthly subscriptions.

Are you interested for additional premium features free of cost? What you think? Is it possible?

The exclusive response is “YES”. How? Let’s know about it?

NameInstagram IPA
Version317.0.4 (Official)
RequiredAndroid 5.0+
Size 135.2 MB
Mod(BH DL Many Feature)
GenreSocial, Instagram
Updated OnToday

Instagram Rocket IPA or Instagram++ IPA is an amazing application with all premium features free of cost. There is no need to pay any subscription to enjoy premium features in Instagram IPA. Users can download any media content like videos, stories, reels and images for any other profile. They can modify the profile according to their choice and customize their privacy features as per their preferences. Don’t forget to check Honista APK.

Features of Instagram++ IPA or Instagram IPA:

Download Instagram Media Content:

Instagram IPA allows users to download any Instagram media content as like videos, images, reels and stories that they like most. They can save the media content in their gallery or camera roll easily for the later use. They can repost the downloaded content on any other social media platform without any restrictions.

Profile Modifications:

Users can manage their profile according to choice and mood by using Instagram Rocket IPA free. They can use the Instagram application by enabling incognito mode. They can manage the privacy options for the sake of securing their profile and enable or disable the features as per preferences.

Password Protection:

Instagram++ IPA or Instagram IPA allows users to protect their password for avoiding third person access. Users can enable fingerprints or can set PIN to the Instagram profile to make it safer and secure in a protective manner.

Reposting others posts:

There are amazing feature by Instagram IPA for reposting the others’ content as like stories, videos, images and reels free. The posts that attract users and they consider the posts as favorites for their profile as well, then they can easily repost any desired post.

Copying any Text:

In the standard Instagram application, there is no choice for selecting the text and copying it for later use. Whereas, Instagram IPA allows users to copy any text as like descriptions, captions, bio, comments or text messages easily. They can use the copied text for their personal use or using the text on any other social media platform or posts.

Muting other users:

Sometimes, users do not want to see others posts or profile; they can mute the posts or other users for avoiding the content as like videos, reels, stories, and images in order to mute their profile using Instagram IPA. Users can disable the chatting options according to the preferences and privacy concerns.

Hiding Comments:

Instagram IPA provides amazing feature to hiding comments for the other users; hiding comments from the any posted content as like photos, stories, reels and videos by applying the filter for the comments that are not suitable and users do not want to show the comments on their posts.

Auto-playing video:

In the original Instagram application, users have to tap on the video to play and watch it, whereas Instagram IPA allows this feature to enable or disable the auto-play the video according to the choice. Users have no need to touch the video for playing because of auto-playing option of Instagram IPA.

Controlling Ads:

Instagram IPA involved in controlling ads feature by hiding any appropriate ads and applies filters for the showing ads content. There is complete control over ads in available for users if they are interested or not interested in ads watching experiences. Users also can use Instagram IPA without any ads interruption by disabling the ads.

Active status controls:

Users can enable or disable their online presence or activities for their followers and fans in Instagram IPA. If users are conscious about their privacy concerns and do not want to show them as active or online, then they can enable or disable their status.

Applying Filters and editing:

Instagram IPA has a feature to applying filters to their photos and videos in order to cropping, cutting, trimming and rotating. Users can modify and adjust their images and videos as per their choice and then can save or post on their profile. They can edit the videos and images or applying filters to make them more attractive.

Downloading and Zooming the Profile Pictures:

In the standard Instagram application, there is strictness in zooming in or zooming out any profile picture and users also cannot download any profile picture. On the other hand, Instagram IPA allows users to view the profile photo by zooming in or out for the required details and also can download any profile picture free.

Device compatibility and Requirement for Instagram IPA in IOS 16+ devices:

  • IOS 16+ users including iPhone and iPad, Instagram IPA crack is compatible
  • IOS devices must be jailbroken for installing Instagram IPA
  • Without jailbreaking, IOS 16+ users have to use third-party supporting installers like AltStore or Cydia Impactor
  • Without computer, need to install the installers in IOS 16+ devices like Trollstore, Esign or Scarlet

Installation Tips For Instagram IPA

Here are following methods to download and install Instagram IPA in IOS devices as follows;

Method 1: installing Instagram IPA with AltStore:

For downloading and installing Instagram++ IPA or Instagram IPA in IOS (iPhone or iPad) devices, users have to install AltStore installer if the IOS 16+ device is not jailbroken. They have to follow these steps;

  1. Delete the original Instagram application from your IOS device
  2. Download AltStore in your PC and install or launch it
  3. Download Instagram IPA and load it in the IOS installer “AltStore”,
  4. Open AltStore and login your Apple ID along with the password
  5. Now download Instagram IPA in your IOS device, and open the application by clicking “open in Instagram Premium IPA AltStore”
  6. Now AltStore will install Instagram IPA in your IOS device
  7. In the settings, switch on the “Developer mode”
  8. Open Instagram IPA with username or email with password and enjoy unlimited premium features for free.

Method 2: installing Instagram IPA with Sideloadly:

  1. Download Sideloadly installer in your PC, and connect your IOS device with your PC
  2. Download Instagram IPA in your IOS device and drag it in Sideloadly,
  3. Enter your Apple ID along with the username and password and install Instagram IPA
  4. Open IOS system settings and navigate for “Profile and devices management” and click “trust on developers” by enabling it
  5. Go to Privacy and security, now open developer mode
  6. Login to your Instagram account by your email or username with the password
  7. Enjoy free premium features with Instagram IPA

Method 3: installing Instagram IPA with Cyndia Impactor:

  1. Download Instagram IPA in your computer in the first step
  2. Download Cyndia Impactor and connect your IOS device with computer
  3. Open the installer, Cyndia Impactor
  4. Drag and drop the Instagram IPA file into the Cyndia Impactor
  5. Now enter your Apple ID along with the username and password
  6. Open the IPA application and install it
  7. Go to device settings, navigate for “profile and device management”
  8. Tap the “trust developers” or enable it
  9. Enjoy free premium features of Instagram IPA in your IOS device.

Installing Instagram IPA in IOS devices without Computer:

To install Instagram IPA without computer, users have to download the installer for any application with high privileges. These installers can include Trollstore, Esign or Scarlet, that can download in IOS devices for installing Instagram IPA. After choosing and downloading the installer in your IOS device, following steps are to be followed;

  1. Go to IOS device settings
  2. Go to “Profile and Device management”,
  3. Enable the “Trust on Developer”,
  4. Now Download Instagram IPA, and send to the installer like Trollstore, Esign or Scarlet
  5. Now you can enjoy unlimited features of Instagram IPA.

Difference between Instagram IPA and Standard Instagram:

Instagram IPAStandard Instagram
Downloading any content mediaNo option to download the content media
Zoom in or zoom out the profile picturesOnly standard viewing the profile pictures
Enabling or disabling auto-play the videosTap on the video for playing
Applying additional filters and editing to videos and imagesOnly basic editing and applying filters to the videos and images
No adsSometimes ads
Muting others posts and profilesBlocking the profiles and reporting the posts
Third party applicationStandard and official application

Instagram IPA Alternatives for IOS users:

  • If users want to enjoy all IPA premium features of Instagram then IOS users can use Instagram mods, with a paid subscription. Monthly and yearly subscription is available for enjoying unlimited music streaming along with many additional and premium features of Instagram.
  • If users want to enjoy limited features with music streaming without paying anything, then IOS users can enjoy Instagram official without any subscription. However, there are limitations in many features and customizations that have to face by the users.
  • So, it can be best choice for the IOS users as no third-party application and no need to install any installer or application for smooth running of Instagram application.


Instagram IPA or Instagram++ IPA is an astonishing application with all exceptional highlights liberated from cost. There is compelling reason need to pay any membership for getting a charge out of premium highlights in Instagram IPA. Clients can download any media content like recordings, stories, reels and pictures for some other profile. They can adjust the profile as per their decision and redo their protection highlights according to inclinations.


What is benefit for users to use Instagram IPA rather than Official Instagram?

Official Instagram application is a simple interface application with posting media content and connecting with others by following them and chatting with them to make social media interactions. On the other hand, Instagram IPA allows users all Instagram features along with additional and premium features which are not available in official Instagram application.

What is price of Instagram IPA?

Instagram IPA is a free of cost platform for Instagram lovers to enjoy many premium features that are not available in official Instagram application.

Is it safe to using Instagram IPA?

Instagram IPA is a third-party application which can be used by installing various other IOS installers and they can harm your devices, so it can be considered as an unsafe application for the IOS users. The gadget execution likewise can slow by utilizing these outsider applications and installers.

What are best installers of Instagram++ IPA or Instagram IPA for IOS users?

There are three best installer of Instagram++ IPA or Instagram IPA for IOS users are AltStore and Cydia Impactor.

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